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The Better India

written by Dhimant Parekh on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rediff's (in)Famous Message Board

If you are a regular reader of Rediff's articles, I am sure you are aware of how much fun the message boards of those articles are.
Sidin Vadukut takes a dig at those messages/comments in this article written at, surprisingly enough, Rediff:
A gem from the article:
Recently Raja Sen reviewed the Priyadarshan flick Bhool Bhulaiya and gave it a One-Star rating. This was not well accepted by the public who demanded an apology from him and said that he was, and I quote, "Stupid idiot".
Over 900 messages were left after Mr Sen's review, and this bodes well for Rediff's stock valuations.
Of course eager participation can lead to problems. Let me illustrate.
Recent headline: UN seat for India looking shaky.
Commenter one: UN sucks
Commenter two: Kaun hai is UN ka in charge?
Commenter one: Ban Ki Moon
Commenter one: TERA !!@## ka !!@@#
Commenter three: Click here for hot bollywood videos
Commenter two: Thanks for the link.
Read the entire article here. Link courtesy: Faiq G, who incidentally, has written the first comment on the article. 
Ironically, this particular article on Rediff has not (yet) got a single nonsensical comment!

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